You asked: How do I delete measurements in SketchUp?

Just click or drag over them with the Eraser tool to delete guides individually. You can also right-click them and choose Erase from the context menu. Erase all your guides at once. Choosing Edit, Delete Guides does just that.

How do I remove unwanted lines in SketchUp?

If you select the Eraser tool from any of the toolbars, you can click an edge to erase it and any faces it bounds. Click and drag over multiple lines with the Eraser tool. The lines that you will erase when you release the mouse button are highlighted in blue.

How do you change measurements in SketchUp?

You can change the measurement units in SketchUp by going to Window > Model Info > Units. Choose a preset like Architectural, Engineering, or Fractional. Or if you want to customize your units, choose Decimal to pick any metric or imperial unit for length, area, and volume.

How do I delete part of a component in SketchUp?

  1. Right click on the component without opening it for editing. Choose Make Unique to break it’s relationship to the others.
  2. Draw a line across where you want to cut it and use Push/Pull to remove the waste side.
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How do I get rid of the black frame in SketchUp?

Tools>Advanced Camera Tools>Reset Camera got rid of the gray bars.

How do you make a hidden line in SketchUp?

There isn’t a native way to draw dashed lines in SketchUp. Hidden lines can be shown by turning on Back Edges.

How do I enter measurements in SketchUp?

Type a length value, a comma, a width value, and then press Enter. For example, type 8′,20′ and press Enter. If you type only a number or numbers, SketchUp uses the current document units setting. You can also override the document units setting by specifying imperial (such as 1’6″) or metric (such as 3.652m) units.

How do you measure length in SketchUp?

To measure a dimension while in either view, follow these steps:

  1. Move your controller into view and direct your cursor over the model. …
  2. Click the model. …
  3. Click the Tape Measure icon ( ).
  4. At the prompt, move your cursor over the beginning point for your measurement and click.

Where is the dimension tool in SketchUp?

A linear dimension measures the distance between two points. You find the Linear Dimension tool ( ) on the default toolbar’s Dimensions menu or by selecting Tools > Dimensions > Linear from the menu bar.

How do you cut a component into half in SketchUp?

Set the camera to Parallel Projection and Top View. Open the component for editing. With right to left selections, select the left half of the component. Hit Delete.

How do you edit a component in SketchUp?

Editing all instances of a component

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To open the context, you can double-click the component. Or select it, context-click the selection, and choose Edit Component, or simply hit Enter. Use the SketchUp drawing tools to edit your component.

Why is my SketchUp screen black?

Updated the Geforce driver and set the settings to force use this driver. Not sure why this was a problem with 2018 and not on the 2017… Change in graphics requirements. Each version of SketchUp installs separately, too.

Why is my VRAY render black SketchUp?

It’s most likely a bad material or bad file path a VRAY object or material. Try a few different things: Obviously, quit the model and program and re-open it and try again. Next try turning on ‘material override’ in the VRAY settings and see if it renders at all.

Why is VRAY rendering black?

Causes: Rendering > Render Setup > Effects > Photographic exposure settings may be turned On or are set inappropriately for the scene’s render engine and/or lighting setup. Scene lights may be set incorrectly — the Intensity/Multiplier settings may be too low, Decay/Inverse Falloff may be turned on, and so forth.

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