How do you scale a view in Revit?

How do I resize a viewport in Revit?

Add dimensions and text notes, pan the viewport, or change the scale of a view to accommodate project needs.

  1. Open the sheet.
  2. In the drawing area, select a view on the sheet. …
  3. Click Modify | Viewports tab Viewport panel (Activate View). …
  4. Modify the view as desired.

13 апр. 2015 г.

Can we change the view scale of existing views?

You can change the scale of any existing view. When you change the size of the drawing, the drawing sheet scale changes to keep the views in proportion to the size of the sheet. However, detailed and scaled views retain their original scale regardless of changes to the drawing size.

How do you add a scale to a viewport?

To Modify the Scale of a Layout Viewport

  1. Select the layout viewport that you want to modify.
  2. Right-click, and then choose Properties.
  3. If necessary, click Display Locked and choose No.
  4. In the Properties palette, select Standard Scale, and then select a new scale from the list. The scale you choose is applied to the viewport.
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29 мар. 2020 г.

How do you scale a 3d view in Revit?

As long as it is a camera view, select the view on the sheet, and in the modify tab, select “Size crop,” check the radio button “Scale” then change the width or height to suit.

How do you crop a viewport on a sheet in Revit?

To crop a viewport:

  1. Select the viewport.
  2. Select the command. …
  3. Click Crop to enter Edit Crop mode.
  4. Create a 2D object such as a rectangle, circle, or polyline. …
  5. Click Exit Viewport Crop to return to the sheet layer or design layer.
  6. The cropped viewport displays; in the Object Info palette, the Crop status changes to Yes.

Why can’t I change the scale in Revit?

Remove (unassign) the view template from the view. This should unlock all of the properties so that they can be modified independently from the View Template. Modify scale defined in the view template. This will change the scale for all views using the template.

How do I change the scale in Revit 2019?


  1. Do one of the following: Select the elements to scale, and click Modify | tab Modify panel (Scale). …
  2. On the Options Bar, select Numerical.
  3. On the Options Bar, for Scale, enter a scale factor. …
  4. Click in the drawing area to specify the origin.

21 янв. 2021 г.

How do I change the view scale in Solidworks?

Setting Scales

To set scales: To set the scale of an existing drawing sheet, do one of the following: In the status bar click Sheet Scale and click a scale. Right-click the sheet and select Properties, then edit the values of Scale.

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How do you add a custom scale to the scale list?

To Add a Custom Scale to the Scale Drop-Down List

  1. Choose Options from the Application menu to open the Options dialog box.
  2. Select the User Preferences tab, and then click the Default Scale List button at the bottom of the dialog box.
  3. In the Default Scale List dialog box, click the Add button.

20 окт. 2015 г.

How do I find the viewport scale in AutoCAD?

Press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select all elements in the drawing. Type ‘scale’ in to the command bar and press enter. AutoCAD will ask ‘SCALE Specify base point:’, type ‘0,0’ (without the quotes) and press enter. to view the data.

What does XP mean in AutoCAD?

You will notice that the Viewport Scale in the charts below indicate a scale with the suffix XP. The suffix is AutoCAD nomenclature for changing the scale within a viewport.

Can you crop images in Revit?

Re: Imported Image Cropping

Not possible, inside revit. You need to crop first, then bring in. This should go onto wishlist items. Insert image into plan or elevation where it will not show in other views.

What is camera scale?

The scale of a photograph is determined by the focal length of the camera and the flying height above the ground. The focal length is the distance from the middle of the camera lens to the focal plane. Focal length is precisely measured when cameras are calibrated and is typically expressed inn millimeters (mm).

How do I change the field of view in Revit?

With this tool active, click and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor up to increase the focal length and zoom in. Click and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor down to decrease the focal length and zoom out.

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