How do you measure an angle in Autodesk Inventor?

How do you measure degrees in Autocad?

To Find the Distance and Angle Between Two Points

  1. Click Home tab Utilities panel Measure drop-down Distance. Find.
  2. Specify a first and a second point. Use object snaps for precision.

29 мар. 2020 г.

How do you measure area in Inventor?

On the ribbon, click Tools tab Measure panel Measure . Or, click Measure on the marking menu. In Inventor assemblies only, if desired, select a selection priority: Component, Part, or Edges and Faces. Select the Advanced Settings drop-down arrow and set the dual units and precision values.

How do you scale in Autodesk Inventor?


  1. Click Sketch tab Modify panel Scale . …
  2. Select the geometry in the graphics window. …
  3. In the graphics window, select the geometry, or select groups of geometry with the selection window. …
  4. In the graphics window, click to set the base point. …
  5. Drag the pointer in the graphics window to change the scale.

12 февр. 2014 г.

How do you measure angles?

Always place the protractor so that one side of the angle lines up with one of the zeros.

  1. Place the midpoint of the protractor on the vertex of the angle.
  2. Line up one side of the angle with the zero line of the protractor.
  3. Read the degrees where the other side crosses the number scale.
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How do I measure an angle more than 180 in AutoCAD?

Hi, dimension of angles greater than 180 degrees is possible on AutoCad. First You have to click on the angular dimension icon, then hit enter. After, select the end of the lines and their point of intersection and move the pointer away to create your angular dimension….

How do you calculate weight inventor?

Q: How do I determine the mass of my parts in Inventor? On the iProperties dialogue, click on the Physical tab (you may need to click update). Your Mass, Area and Volume are displayed below.

How does Autodesk trueview measure distance?

To measure the distance between two points:

  1. Using the Default menu system, choose Tools menu Measure Distance. …
  2. Click in the viewport where you want to start measuring from. …
  3. Click again in the viewport where you want to measure to.

How do you measure mass in Inventor?

Open the iProperties for the part, then click the Physical tab. Make sure the Material is set correctly. The mass is shown in the properties near the middle of the dialog box. If it is showing as N/A, click the Update button and it should fill in.

How do you make a plane in Inventor?

Create work plane

  1. On the ribbon, click 3D Model tab Work Features panel Plane .
  2. Select appropriate vertices, edges, or faces to define a work plane.
  3. For offset work planes, drag the work plane to the appropriate location and enter a distance or angle in the Offset edit box. …
  4. Optionally, resize the work plane.
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26 авг. 2014 г.

How do you move the work plane in Inventor?

Drag a corner or edge of a work plane to resize or move it.

  1. On the ribbon, click 3D Model tab Work Features panel Plane . Select appropriate vertices, edges, or faces to define a work plane, or select the desired option from the Plane drop-down menu.
  2. Adjust the size and position of the work plane:

26 авг. 2014 г.

Can you scale an assembly in Inventor?

using the derive part tool you can select an assembly and have it scaled to be a part.

How do you scale a part?

Scaling a Part

  1. In a part document, click Scale (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Scale .
  2. Set options in the PropertyManager.
  3. Click. The geometry of the model increases or decreases in size according to the scaling factors and other options you set. The Scale feature scales only the geometry of the model.

How do you zoom in Inventor?

SHIFT-F3 ZOOM WINDOW / Zooms to the area you define with a window.

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