How do I filter in Revit?

How do I filter a section in Revit?

On the View Ribbon select Filters.

  1. Create a new filter.
  2. Give it the name ‘Sections_HVAC’.
  3. Select the category ‘Sections’ in the Category list.
  4. Select for the Filter Rules the parameter ‘Sub-Discipline’.
  5. From the drop down list on how to filter you choose ‘does not equal’.
  6. For the Value, type ‘HVAC’.

22 апр. 2018 г.

How do you add a filter rule in Revit?

Create a Rule-Based Filter

  1. Click View tab Graphics panel (Filters).
  2. In the Filters dialog, click (New).
  3. In the Filter Name dialog, enter a filter name, select Define rules, and click OK.
  4. Under Categories, select one or more categories for the filter.

17 нояб. 2019 г.

How do you filter a schedule in Revit?

On the Filter tab of the Schedule Properties dialog (or the Material Takeoff Properties dialog), create filters that limit the display of data in a schedule. You can create up to 4 filters, and all filters must be satisfied for the data to display. Many types of scheduled fields can be used to create filters.

How do I edit a filter in Revit?

​ – View > Visibility/Graphics > Filters > Edit/New… ​ – Select Rule-Based Filters > Click on the bottom left item to create a new filter.

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How do you hide unused sections in Revit?

In Visibility Graphics, go to the Filters tab and choose Edit/New…. In the lower left corner of the dialog select the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a tiny Sun at the upper right. Name your filter something like “Hide Unused Sections and Callouts”.

What is discipline in Revit?

In Revit, each view has a discipline assigned to it, this controls what elements are visible and which are hidden. For example in an architectural view we can see walls, windows and doors but we might not be able to see structural elements such as beams and trusses or mechanical elements such as ducts.

How do you select a filter in Revit?

Using Filter Selection to Find Objects in Revit

  1. Select all elements in the Revit model.
  2. Open the Selection Filter (found under the Modify > Selection tab)
  3. Uncheck what you want to exclude from the Selection or select ‘Check None’ and then choose the categories you want to include in the selection.

20 янв. 2020 г.

How do I sort a schedule in Revit?

To list every instance of the family and type in a schedule, on the Sorting/Grouping tab of the Schedule Properties dialog, use the following settings: Sort by = Family and Type (Ascending, Blank line) Itemize every instance = on.

What is scheduling in Revit?

A schedule is a tabular display of information, extracted from the properties of the elements in a project. A schedule can list every instance of the type of element you are scheduling, or it can collapse multiple instances onto a single row, based on the schedule’s grouping criteria.

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How do I edit a schedule in Revit?

Modify a Schedule

  1. To edit a cell, click in it. You can select a value from a list, if available, or enter text. …
  2. To select a column, click a column index (the alphabetical cells between the title and header).
  3. To enter carriage returns in a text cell, press Shift+Enter . Carriage returns display when you place the schedule on a sheet.

18 февр. 2019 г.

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