Your question: What is sweep in AutoCAD?

Creates a 3D solid or 3D surface by sweeping a 2D object or subobject along an open or closed path. Find. Open-ended objects create 3D surfaces, while objects that enclose an area can be set to create either 3D solids or 3D surfaces.

What does the sweep tool do?

The Sweep tool is a type of extrusion tool. Unlike the Extrude tool, though, you can guide the extrusion of a profile along a custom line or spine through multiple planes. You can create complex bodies such as pipe systems, cables, wires, etc., with a simple 2D shape and a spine in a controlled environment.

What is the difference between sweep and extrude?

Extrude is most used for applying volume perpendicular to a 2d plane such as a box, cylinder. While sweep is mostly for applying volume along a path.

How do you sweep an object in AutoCAD?

How do you actually use the SWEEP command in AutoCAD.

  1. Type SWEEP and press ENTER.
  2. Select object to sweep and press ENTER.
  3. Select SWEEP path.

31 мар. 2020 г.

What does sweep do in Inventor?

A Sweep feature enables you to create geometry that cannot be created using an extrusion or revolve.

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How do you sweep in Solidworks?

To create a sweep:

  1. Sketch a closed, non-intersecting profile on a plane or a face. If you use guide curves: …
  2. Create the path for the profile to follow. Use a sketch, existing model edges, or curves. …
  3. Click one of the following: …
  4. In the PropertyManager: …
  5. Set the other PropertyManager options.
  6. Click OK .

What is the Presspull command doing in AutoCAD?

The Presspull command in AutoCAD 3D is used to create an area formed by the closed boundary. … It can also be used to create a 3D solid in case of the selected circle or interior of the bounded area. The objects, such as arc, can be used to create a 3D surface.

What is the Extrude command in AutoCAD?

Creates a 3D solid from an object that encloses an area, or a 3D surface from an object with open ends. Objects can be extruded orthogonally from the plane of the source object, in a specified direction, or along a selected path.

What is torus command in AutoCAD?

Creates a donut-shaped 3D solid. Find. You can create a torus by specifying the center, then the radius or diameter of the torus, and then the radius or diameter of the tube that surrounds the torus.

How do you sweep in Inventor?

Create a Sweep Along a Path

  1. Sketch a profile and path on intersecting planes. …
  2. Click 3D Model tab Create panel Sweep . …
  3. In the Sweep dialog box, click Profile and then select the profile to sweep. …
  4. With the Path selection tool, select a 2D sketch, 3D sketch, or edges of geometry.
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27 июл. 2020 г.

How do you make a 3D sweep in Inventor?

On the Sketch tab, use a sketch command to create a profile perpendicular to the 3D path, right-click, and then select Finish Sketch. On the ribbon, click 3D Model tab Create panel Sweep . Select the profile and path, and then click OK to complete the sweep feature.

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