How do I import data from AutoCAD to excel?

How do I transfer data from AutoCAD to excel?

Importing as a data link:

Open excel file downloaded from the link above and select table completely then right click and select copy from the contextual menu, you can also use CTRL+C to copy table. Now open AutoCAD and click on paste special from clipboard panel of the home tab as shown in the image below.

How do I export data from AutoCAD?

You can export extracted data to a table or an external file. On the Choose Output page in the Data Extraction wizard, you can output the extracted data to a data extraction table within your drawing, to an external file, or both.

How do I copy numbers from AutoCAD to excel?

Double click the mtext to activate the mtext editor (text formatting) then select all the contents of the mtext and copy using CTRL+C then paste to excel file. on the excel file use the Text to Column command on the Data tab (ALT+D+E for shortcut).


  1. Click Window menu > Reference Manager.
  2. Click Attach Reference in the Reference Manager palette.
  3. In the Select Reference File, select the required Excel file. The New Excel Data Link dialog box appears.
  4. Choose the necessary settings and click OK. …
  5. Select a point in the drawing to insert.
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How do I export a CSV file from AutoCAD?

Click on newly created objects in the Display Manager and click on Table. At the bottom of the table click on Options and Select All. Right-click on Options once again and click Export. Chose place of your CSV file and save it.

How do I export a sheet from AutoCAD to excel?


  1. Open the Sheet Set.
  2. Open the drawing that contains the Drawing List. …
  3. Select the Sheet List Table and right click and select Export and export the table to a .csv file which can be opened in Excel.

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To open the source of a linked value

  1. Open a workbook that contains a link to an external cell or cell range.
  2. On the Data tab of the ribbon, in the Connections group, click the Edit Links button. …
  3. In the Edit Links dialog box, click the link you want to work with.
  4. Click the Open Source button.

16 окт. 2015 г.

Click the “Data Link” button on the “Linking & Extraction” panel of the “Insert” tab of the ribbon.

  1. When the “Data Link Manager” opens, click “Create a new Excel Data Link“
  2. Give the Data Link a unique name.
  3. Then click OK.

24 июл. 2014 г.

How do I import an Excel spreadsheet into Revit?

You can link the Excel spreadsheet to an AutoCAD table using AutoCAD’s datalink. Then link the AutoCAD file to Revit. When you update the Excel file, open AutoCAD and right click on the table to update it. Save and reload the link in Revit and it will be updated.

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