RA Magnus - Extra Large "Colossus" Stone Smooth Pedestal

RA Magnus - Extra Large "Colossus" Stone Smooth Pedestal


MP9 - Extra Large "Colossus" Stone Smooth Pedestal with Curved & Rectangular Sink

  • 32" X 23" X 34" High O.D. (base and sink only)
  • Includes Backsplash w/ faucet holes - 72" Overall Height
  • Drain Size - 1.5"
  • The "Colossus" can be made in any shape or size, with or without faucet holes.

R.A. Magnus is a leading manufacturer of stone and copper products for the kitchen and bath. Each item is handmade with unparalleled care and meticulous attention to detail. Our designs are timeless while being contemporary, classic yet modern. We bring quality craftsmanship, distinctive design, and natural beauty to every sink, bathtub, vanity, pedestal, and accessory we make.


Available Materials & Finishes:

  • Travertine: Beige, Belayo, Chocolate, Durango, Gold, Orange, Red
  • Marble: Black, White
  • Onyx: Honey, White

Specification Sheets Available at Showroom

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