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Things to consider when shopping for... Shower Systems

Shower valves and trims more commonly go hand in hand with the lavatory faucets, but it is not required in order to have compatible designs. Finishes can be an issue in trying to match different manufacturers. Valves and their trims should come from the same manufacturer due to their more unique characteristics. Showerheads, body sprays, hand-held showers, and tub spouts are universal and are interchangeable between manufacturers' installations.

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Things to Consider When Shopping for... Bathroom Faucets

When evaluating bathroom faucets, remember that in general each manufacturer has matching shower and tub/shower sets as well as accessories. That is why you generally pick out the lavatory faucet first since it has the most distinctive design, and then everything else should follow.

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Steps to Remodel Your Bathroom for Senior Living

Aging in place is the ability to live in one?s own home for as long as confidently and comfortably possible.

Here are a few changes in the existing home one can make, so that it need not look like a convalescent home.  In this way, all of its inhabitants can enjoy the subtle changes.

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